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G80-black edging mouse pad

G80-black edging mouse pad

Product Description

2017 latest update ANVIIA G80 super large gaming mouse pad, ultra-thin and amazing feeling.
• Comfortable touch: Edge-sealing design, rough texture, non-slip at the bottom to prevent manual abrasion.
• Naturally-friendly materials and pixel-accurate positioning and tracking for a great gaming experience.

1. Color model: black with red ANIVIA logo
2. Product size: 800mm*300mm*3mm
3. Thickness = 3mm
product design:
Sideband design
2. Pixel precise positioning and tracking
3. Textured weaving
4. Low friction: smooth speed and control surface
5. Non-slip rubber base
6. Easy to carry cloth
7. Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities
8. Our products have stitched edges that prevent surface wear or peeling.
9. Heavy duty rubber sole prevents your mouse pad from moving during use.

Packaging Information
Individual package weight: g single net weight: g single size: 60*30*0.3CM

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